I’m Joey. I live in Tempe, Arizona with my two black kittos (kitties/kiddos) as a graphic designer. Born in California and raised in Phoenix, I have an eye for the aesthetically pleasing with many backgrounds in photography, layout design, print design and even dance (but please don’t ask me to dance).

Studying journalism in college, I’ve always a had a passion for storytelling. A logo is the face of any company, but what’s deeper than that?

Your brand.

Your brand is your story. What message do you want to communicate to the world? How will you reach your target audience? Are orange and blue complementary colors?? (They are). But let me worry about that for you and bring your story to life.

I firmly believe passion drives us all. I don’t want your business to be overlooked. My promise is to give my clients not only the best, but work that is completely eye-catching.

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