Why, hello there! I'm Joey. No, it's not short for anything and no, my mom wasn't obsessed with kangaroos when I was born. You'd be surprised how often I get that question. 

A little about my career:

I specialize in page design and graphic design. I have an eye for the visually appealing, and studied in many different art forms including photography. I have recently worked exclusively in sports design for the Arizona Republic, The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California and the USA Today Sports Weekly Tab.

I graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona with a Bachelors of Arts in journalism. I worked at the campus newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat where I was the design chief, managing editor and editor in chief. 

I was the Creative Director of Bottle Magazine, staffed by only women. During that time, I helped launched the website, social media and the first print product. 


A little about me:

You can catch me cooking (or attempting to), eating (which I do a lot of), watching pretty much any television show or enjoying a lovely hike along the sunset. 

I also really enjoy just designing for fun! Good thing I'm working in this field, right?

I am currently working at the Phoenix Design Studio for Gannett Company as a newspaper designer.

If interested in freelance work, please contact me via email.